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PNSS TECH SDN BHD is an innovative company based in Malaysia. We were founded in 2009 as PERVASIVE NETWORK SOLUTIONS started with the audio and visual supplier and installer, due to the fast pace of expansion, we converted to private limited company and with the support from 3M, Cayin, Epson, Samsung and QWESTRO, we have more products to support the needs of LIBRARY SECURITY SYSTEM & SUPPLY, DIGITAL SIGNAGE SOLUTIONS, PROJECTORS,  LARGE FORMAT DISPLAYS & VIDEO WALL and INTERACTIVE MULTIMEDIA SOLUTIONS.

When it comes to library automation and library security, there is no one who does it better than 3M. Built to exceed your expectations so your staff can do what they do best: connect people to literature, information and media and protect library assets.
We provide total full solutions for 3M Library System from Consumables Supply, Equipments Supply and Install to Yearly Preventive and Corrective Maintenance nationwide.

Found in all Epson projector, 3LCD is the world's leading projection technology that delivers unbelievably bright and natural colour, amazing detail and proven reliability. 3LCD was pioneered by Epson in 1980s and is marketed by an affiliated organisation known by the same name: "3LCD". The technology has been licensed for use by other manufacturers worldwide for the ultimate viewing experience in projectors.
We are Epson business partner in providing the the total Epson LCD Projector solution from classroom, conference room, multi-purpose hall to grand hall. Today Epson has complete range of LCD projector to suite the broad area of coverage.

We had been carrying Cayin Digital Signage since 2009 and supported most of the public display in the nation at various out-of-home venues, such as school, retail, hospitality, corporation, museum, transportation, government, and financial institution. In order to best facilitate the deployment of Cayin products, we also provide tailored services to meet customers' particular requirements for almost limitless applications.

Drive business revenue with a powerfull all-in-one signage solution, Samsung's commercial-grade series of SMART Signage displays deliver superb picture quality and resolution, allowing users to display images in lifelike detail, from 16 hours/day up to 24 hours/day, 7 days/week. With the latest 3.5mm bezel video wall that can deliver impactful message with enhanced colour uniformity. Samsung SMART Signage display is and ideal solution for a broad range of business environments and applications. We are the Samsung Large Format Display Solution and Service Provider.

We have an in house brand of school attendance system using RFID technology called PNSS School Intelligent Attendance Management System (SIAMS).
We have expand our services with RFID attendance system and grown to become a respected solution provider for Radio Frequency Identification Devices (RFID) and other wireless peripherals that used to track products, assets, data and personnels in the region.

We are listening  to our clients need and continuing developing the better and improve products with our R&D team to enhance the features based on the market needs and it become our goal to continue produce products that meet the demand of the market and industry. It may start simply as an idea or a customer with a specific demand.

Our development engineers investigate the product requirements and continuing the development of product design and software application based on customer requirement.

It always begining with an idea... ie; A school generally deals with the various security risks. School authority and parents need to constantly aware their child's safety accountability also school authority need to restrict outsider access in the school for the sake of student's security.

By considering this challenge, PNSS TECH SDN BHD has come up with RFID based security solution for school, we work very closely with the school authority to continue the enhancement of the features...

PNSS TECH SDN BHD committed to provide the highest quality of service and support.

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